Automation Dashboard

Posted on Fri 09 October 2015 in Automation


While constantly building on my automation system, I've started an equally fun sister project. The bundled front-ends available today for my home automation environment are ok, but I want more! I want custom profiles depending on where they are deployed. I've already settled into utilizing low-cost 7" windows tablets for my controllers. Low power, versatile, and cheap. These things are just what I need in terms of a controller and information dashboard. Most commercial offerings are expensive, proprietary, and bloated. I have went to great lengths to ensure each portion of this interconnected system is as open and "commodity" as possible.

At this point, I have a decent "Core" dashboard. It provides the following:

  • Time
  • Weather
  • Door(s) Status
  • Lighting Control
  • A Trash Day notifier
  • Panic Button
  • Presence Notification
  • Security System monitoring
  • A commute time watcher utilizing Tom Tom routing and live traffic API's
  • HVAC monitoring and control
  • and much more I haven't finished rolling out

I'll keep updating this thread as I finish more and more capability. Email me if you have any questions,