Home Assistant All in one installer for raspberry pi

Posted on Tue 11 August 2015 in Automation


A few folks asked for an update on my automation system, so I here it is. I took a quick video that shows the use of an Insteon Garage Door Status and Controller Kit tied into my openHAB instance.

I fell asleep a few times leaving my garage door open. With plenty to steal, this was bad news bears. Having a pseudo-smart home, I knew I could fix this the lazy... er smart way.GarageDoorAlert

I developed some quick logic that sends announcements throughout my home if it's after 8pm and the garage door is still open. It attaches a snapshot from my garage cam to let me know if Ican safely close it via my iPhone. The cool part I added is that once it reaches 11pm and the door is still open, it closes it for me.